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What we do

We train people how to negotiate and resolve commercial conflict more effectively.

From our two-day Negotiation Excellence Programme to bespoke solutions and consultancy – we diagnose, train, coach, review and embed what you learn.

Negotiation without drama.


Diagnostic tools

Programme delivery

Psychometric test


Better deals
Stronger relationships

Our services


Diagnostic toolkit

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Excellence Programme?


Excellence 2 day programme
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Elite 1.5 day programme
Conversion 1 day programme
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Negotiation conversion.jpeg
Intro 1 day programme
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C-suite Half day programme
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Pitch against the experts
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Coaching programme
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Negotiation consultancy
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Pre-deal coaching
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Public speaking/Inspiration
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The experience

You start your journey with a negotiation skills assessment: our proprietary diagnostic tool interrogates your current ability, giving us clear indicators of where your training should be focused. We then move on to interactive and hands-on teaching in a safe and non-judgemental environment. We know people learn by ‘doing’ so encourage you to try different approaches to test and refine your style. We measure and report on your emotional intelligence in your interactions, providing continuous feedback so you can develop and learn.


We then ask you to complete a personality profile in advance of attending a one-on-one session with a fully qualified coach. Savage Macbeth coaching sessions are invaluable to help embed the skills you’ve learned and address any outstanding challenges. The people we have coached tell us just that; that’s how we know.

Who is it for?

We all negotiate every day, so you could say it’s for everyone. And whilst there’s a wide range of applicability in the skills learned, we suggest our programmes resonate best with people whose roles require that they – pitch ideas, encounter rejection, or deal generally with commercial conflict. Savage Macbeth programme portfolio caters for entry-level executives to C-suite.

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