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Negotiation Elite - 1.5 day programme

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You’ve taken your skills to the Excellence level – now you want to be the ‘best of the best’. Our 1.5 day Elite Negotiation programme will help you to achieve this. First, we’ll make sure that any gaps are filled in your knowledge. We’ll then test your planning; we’ll critique you and get you to critique others.

We’ll get you attuned to reading people and new situations – making sure you’re integrating emotional intelligence skills right from the start of your commercial engagements.


Coaching others is the pinnacle of understanding – we’ll get you to ‘read’

the process – and manage and empower your teams to success.


You’ll also pitch to us whereby we will replicate the behaviours specific to the types of individuals you come up against and apply decades of negotiation experience to test your mettle!


We’ll develop scenarios based on current challenges you’re facing – where things change and evolve – can you maintain your skills and abilities and achieve results under real pressure?

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