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Some short clips with top tips and insight into how to negotiate and life at Savage Macbeth

Highlights of our
first year

Launched in January 2021 we had a busy start to our new business - creating a world class programme, building a fab team and working with some awesome clients.

Commercial conflict resolution

ACT 3: Commercial conflict quick fire interview - Richard Savage shares insights into how we do what we do. Commercial conflict resolution, emotional intelligence and our 3 tenets.

Commercial conflict resolution

ACT 2: The amygdala hijack! Richard Savage explains the 6 second rule for commercial conflict from his exclusive interview with Octo Members.

Commercial conflict resolution

ACT 1: Richard Savage discusses different ways to resolve conflict in this exclusive interview with Lee Robertson, founder of Octo Members, the first app-based private community for UK financial services professionals.

Alas Savage & Macbeth


This is a story about a conflict situation and the options the participants consider to find a resolution. There are many ways to resolve conflict that are all learnable skills They include influence, persuasion and problem solving. People we coach to resolve conflict do better deals and strengthen their business relationships in doing so.

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