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Negotiation C-suite Immersion programme

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Top down or bottom up, building and maintaining commercial cultural consistency is critical to the success of any business. All too often we see one rule for the team and a different one for senior management – often quite unintentionally.

Our half-day, face to face programme helps senior teams embrace an intuitive approach to commercial conflict resolution and build consistency with their people. Typically delivered in conjunction with our flagship programmes for your teams this efficient, pragmatic half day workshop will:

  • Analyse your existing process & approach

  • Demonstrate how to best support your people in commercial conflict activity

  • Help you pressure test your team’s planning

  • Identify, capture and celebrate best practice

  • Guide you when and how to get involved

  • Develop a corporate playbook

  • Make the learning stick

  • Nurture your team’s approach to doing better deals and building stronger relationships

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