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How good are you?

It’s a question that you and your organisation need to know, before, during and after your skills building journey. At Savage Macbeth we assess your performance as it evolves - from quantitative metrics via our Skills Assessments, Emotion Awareness Tool scoring and Psychometric Testing, to the qualitative real time scenario assessment, pitch against the experts challenge and one-to-one applications through coaching. No one can provide more insight into your performance.

Skills assessment

Negotiation skills assessment tool.

We assess attitude, awareness & ability in negotiation, influence, persuasion and  commercial conflict situations and provide strategic insight into your performance.

Psychometric analysis

Our advanced personality assessment tool measures 25 traits of the "Big Five” personality dimensions. These insights form the basis of our coaching interventions highlighting behavioural development areas.

Stakeholder perspective

In-depth interviews with stakeholders, managers and influencers within an organisation to assess the ‘reality’ of the commercial culture of an organisation and specific, often hidden challenges.

Impact assessment

So what? Our diagnostic tools can measure the impact of your sessions in terms of skills, ability and behaviour. Our coaching and workshops can then help to create robust Personal Development Plans (PDP) and playbooks.

Emotional intelligence

Creating & managing emotion awareness fundamentally changes behaviour and conflict resolution results – we can measure it and help integrate it into your organisation.

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