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Negotiation Conversion - 1 day programme

Negotiation conversion 1 day programme.png

Your people have acquired the basics, they might have had some old school training, they’re using one or two of the skills but what about the others long since forgotten?

In our one company Negotiation Conversion day:

  • We can asses their current skill set and identify in what areas they could and should be getting better

  • We introduce Emotional Intelligence into the agenda and skill set

  • We help them to leverage their negotiation skills to the maximum by using influencing, persuasion and problem solving, guaranteed to help them do even better deals

  • As well as adding to their skill set, we’ll show them the most effective tools in their armoury

  • Access to fully qualified coaches will help them to unlock their full potential

At Savage Macbeth we add rocket fuel to negotiation training - coaching your people to take full control of the deals they do.

Negotiation conversion table.png

“I hadn’t realised how few skills I was using in my day to day negotiations”

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