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Pitch against the experts - 3+ hour workshop

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Don’t we all agree that practice makes perfect? So why not embrace an opportunity to pitch against the experts. Got a big deal coming up? Planning for a pitch? Annual reviews, contract renegotiations or new relationships. Whether you are buying or selling don’t miss the opportunity to turn a reasonable result into a stellar one.

At Savage Macbeth we have a tried and tested approach to commercial conflict utilising the very latest Influence, Persuasion, Problem Solving and Negotiation skills to help you leverage the very best result you can. We provide a rare opportunity for you or your team to pitch to pro negotiators (at no risk to your business), immediately followed by a shared assessment of your performance. We can simulate different styles, prepare a better structured approach and optimise your performance before the real event.

We come to you. We help you assess your preparation, pressure test your performance and subsequently analyse the highs and the inevitable lows to prepare you for the real event.

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“It was so good trying out our pitch to industry experts”

“The experience really turned the lights on for us”

“It was a shock to see how little we had thought about the other side”

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