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Why trading is more effective with influence.

I’m sitting on an EasyJet flight, heading back to the UK from running one of our commercial conflict resolution programmes in Palma de Mallorca. (I know, I know but someone’s got to do it!).

Staring at me on the back of the seat in front is an ad from Uber Eats saying “Unpack your suitcase and we’ll pack the fridge”. It is an offer to get the basics delivered for when I get home. How thoughtful of them. Empathy, (the second of our 3 tenets), is a critical part of resolving conflict, and what is smart about this communication is that Uber Eats appears to be thinking about me and my needs before trading an offer to build my motivation to engage. Now obviously they are not doing this for purely altruistic reasons but who doesn’t get on the plane and think “the fridge is going to be empty when I get back”?!

Spending time thinking (and asking) about the other side’s perspective and their needs is an important (we would say critical) skill that can also combine influence techniques (also covered in our programme) to get the other side predisposed to say yes. Simple but effective.

Might even get an Uber home from the airport now!

Richard Savage, 23rd September 2021

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