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Giving up the (business) ghost

Despite the odd grumbles that we all have about the past year, I know that really I have a lot to be pleased about when reflecting on 2021. Savage Macbeth is nearly a year old, and we’ve already over-achieved on a number of milestones including sales, delivery and reinvestment (more about these later in the month).

One of the frustrations (and tiny associated grumbles!) that I did encounter last year is that of ‘ghosting’ (you know, that situation where you initiate a conversation, hopefully with a view to conducting a piece of business, and then, all of sudden, radio silence descends like a heavyweight tarpaulin - smothering all communications!) I have been on the receiving end of the not-so-friendly ghost, and I know how frustrating it can be.

I try to empathise with my ‘ghoster’, perhaps –

a. they must have a lot going on

b. there are a number of people in the food chain

c. rapidly changing events have slowed things down or changed the priority’ etc. etc.

It doesn’t escape the fact that I’d still just really, really like to know why I’m being ignored (even if it’s not good news).

Then it struck me, I’m being a hypocrite. The success that Savage Macbeth has achieved this year has attracted a similar sort of attention in the form of a number of in-mails I get on a regular basis. These take the form such as a message from a stranger saying:

“Hey Sam. Happy New Year - I'll be direct & to the point. Have you thought about…”

If I’m looking for answers (or closure) it only seems fair that I treat others the same, when somebody makes me a proposition.

Therefore, from now on this year I resolve to answer all of my in-mails/messages with a personal response – if the product or service is not needed it will be a clear, polite firm ‘no thank you’ with a brief reason.

At least this way, people are getting a reply, they may learn from my feedback and they won’t be wasting time chasing after a prospect that will never happen!

In that well known and well used phrase from one of our best known books we really should all “do unto others as you would have them do unto you”. Simple really.

Sam Macbeth, 10th January 2022

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