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A compromise sometimes can be a creative solution

As we continue to watch the great and the good discuss the future of our planet at COP26, I was really pleased to see the new campaign from Sainsbury's doing their bit. The idea is driven by the need to be healthier and save the planet. Both very important issues and particularly relevant right now. But far from sensationalising the issue and casting divisive instructions (“stop this”, “do that”, “we’re all going to die” - like the media is wont to do) they’ve come up with a compromise. And quite a palatable one at that!

Sainsbury's is saying why not take your classic family favourites and exchange half the normal amounts of meat and substitute them with beans or lentils to deliver a not only tasty, but also planet friendly, healthier solution to boot?

We often see conflict and negotiation as black and white issues and time spent thinking about what we want to achieve as well as the other side’s perspective allows us to be much more imaginative about possible solutions. And that is why our 3 simple tenets, Objectivity, Empathy and Creativity form the foundation of everything we do.

Richard Savage, 8th November 2021

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