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Why choose our programmes?

“Hand on heart the single most useful and practical training programme I’ve been on.”

Charlie Drew, COO - Swarm Technology

Our programmes

Savage Macbeth's negotiation skills training programmes help you and your team leverage better deals with customers, suppliers and internal stakeholders through the application of influence, persuasion, problem solving & negotiation skills and develop stronger relationships. Designed for the changing world we live in, our programmes help individuals:

  • Create value in the deals they do

  • Gain confidence in all forms of commercial conflict

  • Develop skills in emotional intelligence

  • Learn to influence, persuade, problem solve and trade

  • Build credibility & confidence in commercial relationships for the future

  • Follow an agile & adaptable approach

What our clients say

With all of these tools at their disposal, our customers have been empowered to engage and embrace commercial conflict with confidence. Don’t just take it from us though, see what the people who’ve already tried and tested our programme have to say:

Why Savage Macbeth?

Your needs are at the heart of everything we do. We’ll provide you with a structure to manage and control the negotiating process with confidence whatever the challenge. You’ll learn how to use contemporary tools like emotional intelligence to develop the objectivity, empathy and creativity needed to make a real difference to the deals you’re doing. You get to practice the skills and develop your negotiating language in a range of demanding team conflict scenarios with coached and peer feedback. It’s intense, fun and memorable. Our accredited post programme coaching makes the learning stick.

Savage Macbeth participants sitting round a table learning to negotiate better
A group attending a public programme for negotiation training at Savage Macbeth
What can you expect?

We've a range of programmes that will meet your needs. Our two-day flagship Negotiation Excellence programme delivers contemporary scenarios and proven research-based insights delivered by qualified coaches. Post programme one-to-one sessions embed the full range of skills - delivering better deals and stronger relationships. Available in a public or one-company format.

Savage Macbeth Negotiation Coaches High Five
So what next?

Get in touch for a chat, you'll find us easy to talk to and 100% focused on your needs. If you'd like to read more about Savage Macbeth and our approach, visit our About page and check out our Team. Our Blog pages give our insights into topical commercial conflict.


We hope to hear from you soon. 

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